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BizMobile Go!

Complete on the web, managers also work remotely.
Visualization" of device status for easy management

BizMobile Go! Direct is an MDM cloud service that can thoroughly reduce man-hours in daily operations with easy setup that requires no technical knowledge, automatic monitoring and "visualization" of device status.

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BizMobile Go!


IoT services introduced to the market are developed using various IoT platforms offered around the world, with a wide variety of specifications. If these can be linked, it will be possible to create new value that has never been seen before.

IoT-EX Corporation, as a "cloud interconnection service provider that connects IoT services," will take on the role of a hub for IoT service collaboration around the world in order to create this new value.


L2Connect proposes to create a Layer 2-level virtual network (VPN) that spans several different networks with easy installation and simple management techniques.

This technology, called "overlay networking," is a technology that builds a virtual network (VPN) on top of an existing physical network.