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About Our Business

About Our Business

 With the spread of the Internet, anyone anywhere can get information, play games, pay with QR codes or mobile SUICA, and much more. This use of smartphones has spread not only to consumers, but also to salespeople, field engineers, and many other types of businesses.

 Since the start of our business, we have been providing mobile device management (MDM) as a cloud service so that these smartphones, tablets, and mobile PCs can be used safely and securely by both large and small companies, in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, we have realized measures to improve business security and business efficiency in conjunction with MDM, such as limiting the area for business use and limiting business use during work hours.

 The IoT, which connects various things to the Internet, poses a huge risk from a security perspective: webcams have been hijacked and abused, and large numbers of IoT devices have been tampered with by bot attack units, causing incidents. Furthermore, as the number of IoT devices drastically increases from 1 million to 10 million, various operational issues are emerging. Based on the IoT infrastructure technology we have cultivated and experienced through the provision of cloud technology and MDM services, we launched the IoT HUB in 2019.The IoT HUB is a solution that solves the problems of IoT security and scale expansion all at once.

 We will continue to develop various services in line with the complex development of the Internet and contribute to the safety and security of the Internet.